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Dayton Hash House Harriers (DH3)

Dayton Hash House Harriers is the 1st Dayton-area hash kennel of the world-wide social running club, the Hash House Harriers. Dayton Hash House Harriers is Ohio’s oldest and longest running kennel.  Sometimes known as a “drinking club with a running problem”, DH3’s inaugural run was held on June 28, 1987, when founder, Geoff “Little Tooter” Jumper got a group of 14 runners, walkers and others together for an afternoon of “hare and hound” trail running.  DH3 has now “hashed” (held a social, non-competitive, run/walk event) almost 1500 times.  Several long standing special events are held annually such as the “Hangover Hash” on New Year’s Day, St. Patrick’s “wearing of the green” and our annual red dress run (both joint with our sister hash, Sin City H4), Earth Day clean-up hash, Spring Formal (think Prom gone bad), world peace through beer, Halloween costume hash and a Christmas Lights hash followed by a party and gift exchange.  Other themed or special hashes are held, at the discretion of the hares.  DH3 has also co-hosted with Sin City H4 two USA Nash hashes (2002 and 2016).  The Dayton H3 has given birth to several other local hash kennels, including SWOT, DeCoc, Eat a Chick, Babes, Miami Valley, Unmasked, ON-IN and DH4.

What is a hash?

You have stumbled upon an international phenomenon, where a group of people, “Hashers” follow a cryptic trail that has been marked by the “Hare”.  This trail leads to beer, water, snacks and a lot of camaraderie.  Some people run, some people walk, but they all follow these marks along streets, trails and off the beaten path until they find a beer stop (or the end, where the “circle”-a gathering that recaps highlights-occurs.) 1

1 Pittsburgh H3 website.

When does DH3 hash?

The Dayton Hash House Harriers hash every other Saturday and on the evenings of the Full Moon.  During Daylight Savings Time, the hashes usually start at 4 PM. During the winter, the hashes usually start at 3 PM.  The Moon hashes usually start at 7 PM.  However, just in case the hares decide a different time, check the erections for each hash.

Who enjoys hashing?

Hashing is well established worldwide because it appeals to a variety of people…the young as well as the old, the marathon runner as well as the mostly couch potato, the social and the introvert, those who like to solve the trail and those who like to let others show them the way, and those who enjoy exploring places they may have never known about or considered.

Why should I hash?

If you have an interest in non-competitive walk/run activities that take you off the beaten path and may challenge you to explore diverse terrain….think woods, creeks, railroad tracks etc., hashing could be for you. And, if you enjoy meeting new people, drinking some beer, singing some songs and staying young at heart, you definitely should become a hasher. Instant possible friends in almost every major city in Ohio, the US and the world.

What does it take to hash?

Just show up at a hash and the hashers will welcome you to the group and will explain the trail markings and local customs.  Normally a seasoned hasher will accompany you on your first hash to help you complete the trail and enjoy your hashing experience.  One suggestion:  NEVER wear new shoes to the hash!

So… if you’d like to spice up your running program with fun, good company, new surroundings, and physical challenge, try hashing.