September 2018 Mismanagement Meeting Minutes

MM Office Holders Meeting Minutes

September 2018


There will occasionally be meetings of just the office holders.

There will occasionally be meetings including the Centurions.

Mismanagement office holders will make decisions as per their offices. They may solicit discussion with other Mismanagement members (office holders or Centurions) or anyone else. But they hold the offices they hold in order to make decisions and take actions without taking each one to committee.

Kennel members are welcome to serve the kennel as well. Anyone with a cell phone can augment the Hash Flash pictures. The Facebook group itself was created by a kennel member. Some things obviously won’t work that way (please don’t try to help us collect hash cash!), but the kennel is as strong as it is because of all of the attendees.

Down to business.

We caught up on the OHIH accounting, and we have a surplus (the food committee, in particular, came in under budget, and our attendance was high enough to leave some slough). We will be adding a little bit of hab for the attendees, and the remaining funds will go to the OHIH 2019 event.

The 2019 DH3 schedule is now live on the website!

We briefly discussed the option of getting away from moon runs entirely to an alternating Friday/Saturday schedule, but quickly dropped it.

With input from the calendar survey:

We will set Sunday runs to 7pm (and encourage hares to aim for the 3-4 mile lengths, even on Sundays). Joint hashes with SWOT will continue to be up to the hosting kennel, and the Day of the Dead hash will continue to be pegged to the parade schedule. The hares are in charge of their trail, but the kennel sets the schedule.

Hares who would like to time-shift any other hash should contact Mismanagement first, and with advance notice.

The January 20 FM eclipse hash will be at 7pm.

We will have a small campout on our Analversary Weekend at the end of June. Details still being worked.

The July 27 Dayton run (Celtic Fest) falls in SCH4’s Beercamp. We’ll count both the Beercamp Saturday main trail and the DH3 Celtic Fest trail as one trail.

The July 31 NM black moon run will stay on Wednesday in Dayton. I also checked with the SCH4 GMs to make sure everyone was cool with this.

The Red Dress Run is September 7.


The Facebook group continues to grow, which is good, but when we reach 500 members I will no longer be able to invite everyone in the group to events. I would like to keep the group under 500 members. Before the end of the year I plan to begin purging members from the group.

The rate for renewal of our current web host is $131.40 for 12 months. This does not include an SSL certificate, they want an additional $30 or so for that. I intend to move our hosting to another provider, for a cost of $46.88 for the first year. Under the new hosting plan I will be able to integrate a free SSL certificate. I’m planning to begin the move on 30 Sept. I hope to have it completed no later than 3 Oct. During this time, the website, stats site, and vanity emails may be unavailable.

Tender has implemented a new stats feature – tags. Events can be tagged with admin-defined labels, such as “Red Dress Runs”, “Green Dress Runs”, “Campouts”, etc. I would anticipate this being available to us sometime mid-October.

Hash Cash:

We have been able to reduce our balance substantially, largely due to the purchase of the new Centurion mugs. We also supported the Air Force *arathon BN that was organized by Quarter Barrel.

Accounting spreadsheet will be set up on Google Sheets and shared with the On Sec and GM for transparency and ease of access.


We’ve had issues with cooler cleanliness. We’re trashing the current moldy ones and purchasing replacements.

For trails where Boneless is out of town, he will find a substitute.

Hares are welcome to avail themselves of the beermeister or procure their own beer. Any special requests need to (a) be made to the BM early and (b) still stick within the usual costs (around 75 cents per beer; pricier beer can be averaged back down with Kirkland Light, etc.).


Planning a small tchotchke of some laminated lyrics as an early award. Stay tuned!


Situation normal.

Walker Wanker:

Relayed several issues reported to her second-hand. With discussion: birthday observations are made depending on the pack’s often-dwindling attention span, and the RA cannot recognize what she isn’t aware of. If there’s an expected observation, the expecter or someone aware of the expectation should let the RA know prior to circle. A walker or two may have stopped attending for health reasons. The Walker Wanker will reach back out directly.

Dogs on trail is unchanged: DH3 doesn’t allow dogs on trail, but makes an exception for service dogs (so far, that’s Buddha).

Hash Tyrant:

Situation normal, but reiterated that Mismanagement is the strongest it’s ever been, and the kennel is continuing to have consistently strong attendance.

Hab Secs:

Spreadsheets for trail hash cash (why do we call the treasurer Hash Cash while the On Sec handles the hash cash anyway?) and haberdashery will be combined with the spreadsheet for Hash Cash.

Honoraria for higher hundreds: 500 is a choice of growler or decanter, 600 is a chair, 700 is perhaps a cooler, 1100 is choice of any earlier honoraria that might have been missed.


Relayed request to have the print calendar put the DH3 trails in bold. We are at the mercy of the photo provider, but will check with the Hash Flash. Question also came up about the possibility of a page-a-day calendar, with the same answer: if the photo provider can do it, we can pursue, but I don’t believe they do.

Relayed question about hash distance (as in, how far from Dayton can a Dayton trail be set). We settled on 35 miles as a rough guideline. That’s south to the 275 loop, out to South Vienna on I-70E, the Indiana border west, or just shy of Washington Courthouse along Hwy 35.

Based on the questions and concerns being raised about hash funds, reiterated what hares are reimbursed for: beer, orange food, and ice for BNs/BQs and circle. And what’s not: flour, chalk, garbage bags, any other food, gas, time, hookers, blow; they’ll need to cover those out of their waived hash cash. We’ll start reimbursing off of receipts, for “trust but verify”. Similarly, the On Sec will continue to buy the pitcher beer (if any) at the on-afters, and give those receipts to the Hash Cash (along with tracking in the shared spreadsheet).

We’re a $6 hash, or $4 if the pack is on their own at the on-after. Hares wanting something different can make the request in advance and get approval from Mismanagement.

We also reiterated the current criteria for hash credit (hare or hound): presence and payment. Show up at the on-start, show up on trail, and/or show up at the on-after, and pay your hash cash (if any), and it counts.

Discussed circle elements and sequencing. We will try to remember to move analversaries earlier to give the On Sec a headstart to the after to confirm the hash deal (if any) and square away logistics. The “checks” for whistle, hab, and Centurion mugs will be more regular (in rotation, if not at every circle). And we will be more consistent about ending with “Swing Low”, if we can help remind the RA by making the swinging gesture.

The Dayton hash is chugging along smoothly, so thank you all! All of Mismanagement is reachable by email if you can’t catch our ears (or at least our sober ears) at a hash.

On On!