October 2019 Mismanagement Meeting Minutes

Dayton Hash House Harriers MisManagement Meeting Oct. 21, 2019
Troll Pub

Wankers Present: Porkless, 3 n out, G Spot, Goes Down Dirty, VD, Pull and Pray.

Hash Cash report by Skin by email
Bank account balance is $1,852.25. Money collected from Red Dress: Slap and Skin dispersed $753.83 to Shaw elementary, Trotwood Elem. and Seville Elem. $242.17 remaining to be donated. We started the meeting with a memorial toast to those killed and hurt during the senseless violence in the Oregon District and El Paso. Each MM then gave a report.

GM report
August 2019 Centuriun minutes approved. Porkless will post to the web page and send out to list serve 2020 schedule is ready to be posted; Porkless will check with Sin City about Red Dress For the 2020 calendar, all of us will find out important campout weekends from other hashes

Webmeister, Goes Down Dirty
VD will monitor list-serve and facebook events while GDD is working out-of-town and be back-up if needed. Keep monitoring Mail Chimp. Administrators of the facebook page will be restricted to current MisManagement. Public Facebook page appears like there is not much activity; yet we have need to keep the number of people on the private page down.

RA, G Spot
Taking breaks sometimes from RAing

On Sec, Three and Out
Try to get new hashers to include emails on sign-up
MM agreed for Three to provide information for Adopt-A-Child and Adopt-A-Parent

On On