November 2017 Mismanagement Meeting Minutes

Noodle called meeting to order at 1911.
Skin via Noodle report $470.00 in On-Sec cash.
Bermuda reported no run deposits have been made in several weeks.
AI: Noodle and Bermuda to work with Skin to determine an amount to keep back for On-Sec cash.
Noodle reported an issue at a recent hash that unauthorized persons bought hash beer and billed it to the hash. A discussion was held regarding how to prevent the issue from occurring in the future. Hares need to communicate with the bar staff who is authorized to buy beer.
Centurion watch: (As of DH3 #1267)
Boneless 100 (99)
Fourgasm 100 (93)
Bushwhacker 100 (90)
Slap Ya Mama 100 (86)
Sir Squirts 100 (82)
Dick Lips 100 (81)
A question as to who was engraving mugs was raised. Will check with Skin.
Stats are online. All hashers should check their stats for accuracy.
Bermuda presented Treasurer Report. $3200 – Jan 2016. $4400 – Jan 2017. $3300 current balance. $775 was defib purchase. Defib in Skin’s car. No way to track money that doesn’t pass through the bank. Santa suggested that people running events need to keep track of all accounting and coordinate that with the Treasurer. Bermuda noted that hab keeps own accounting of money sent and received. 3 noted that hab shirts etc. are bought and printed from the same vendor. 3 explained the methodology for pricing hab. Boneless asked why hab isn’t sold online. 3 explained there are costs associated with hosting an online storefront.
3 noted that travel hashers can take hab to sell, provided you aren’t a doofus who won’t return the unsold material.
On a question from Padiddle, 3 explained the patch supplier and why there have been delays in some patch orders.
On a question from Bermuda, the Red Dress Run did not require any money to be withdrawn from the bank account as a subsidy. Red Dress was funded by hash cash.
3 noted that Skin orders analversary patches from the hash cash fund. A question was raised as to whose responsibility is ordering analversary patches. Noodle noted this shouldn’t be an On-Sec responsibility.
Bermuda suggested that hash cash should be for hare expenses on-trail (BN, BQ, etc.) and beer at the on-after only. Food at an on-after would not be covered.
Santa noted he takes care of mugs, lanyards, and name tags. Santa suggested the 3 handle patches since she has better sources.
3 suggested that patches be ordered in bulk in order to get cheaper prices for patches.
AI: Noodle to coordinate with Skin on hash cash procedures. 3, Bermuda, and Skin to work overall cash flow procedures.
OHIH Budgetting:
Venue: $20 pp (capped at 169)
Beer: $18 pp
Hab: $20 pp
Food: $? (maybe $25ish)
Games/Entertainment: $?
Never Leave Camp: $?
Transportation: $?
Medical: $?
Insurance: $?
FIDO noted that at facility, ovens, stoves, microwaves, 4 grills, limited refrigeration.
Bermuda and More Leggs volunteered to coordinate the food committee.
FIDO noted that Wind Tunnel has records from two years ago with cost and supplier information.
Rego’s will be handled through hashrego. 3 noted that Skin and 3 will do hash rego. A new paypal or similar account will be created for OHIH.
AI: 3, Bermuda, and Skin to coordinate OHIH accounting procedures.
VD asked who is leading up OHIH. Noodle noted that he and 3 are leading up OHIH coordination.
Bermuda asked if a beer license is necessary. FIDO explained this was already coordinated with the facility and no license was necessary. Paddidle asked if a county beer permit is necessary.
Bermuda suggested that event insurance costs be researched. G asked what would the insurance cover. It was noted that Sin City bought event insurance for OHIH this year.
AI: MoreLeggs has info on Sin City OHIH costs and will provide to Noodle.
AI: Noodle to request insurance info from SCH4 Mismanagement
OHIH numbering: Thursday Prelube, Friday, Saturday Main (or NLC), Shooting Star, Midnight Naked, Sunday Fat Boy/Hangover. Saturday bash will likely be numbered by Cincy Bash, but not by DH3. Reminder from previous Mismanagement meeting that hare credits will be given out like candy to the committee members and volunteers.
Noodle asked if we wanted to discuss Dayton’s longstanding dogs on trail policy. A discussion ensued discussing pros/cons of dogs on trail. After the discussion, it was decided that the policy will remain in place. Dirty to include reminder note on all erections.
Hab update: 3 suggested we give people who are named to give them an old stock shirt. 3 briefed deal with sock company Moxy. An order will be placed with Moxy soon. Bermuda asked if we have checked the quality of the socks. 3 assured that the quality has been verified. 3 briefed that a new “Run Drunk” shirt will be ordered soon. Hab cash is ~ $700. A spreadsheet is available. Business cards will be reordered soon.
3 asked if the new Centurion mug could be the nice wooden Centurion mug. Noodle asked about cost. 3 said they are $50. Cost of existing mugs is $12. 3 suggested that $1 for each hasher/run be held back as skim for honorarium. Santa volunteered to handle buying mugs. Replacement mugs would be given to existing active-with-Dayton Centurions at their X50 analversary.
Noodle brought up the issue with Dia de los Muertos hash. The Dia de los Muertos parade was scheduled late in the year after the DH3 calendar was set. This year the parade and hash collide with an existing SWOT hash. The decision was made to not declare this a numbered Dayton hash. Boneless offered to make this a MVH3 numbered hash, which was accepted.
Noodle briefed calendar coordination between area kennels for 2018. VD briefed the status of the printed calendar.
AI: 3 to work with Dirty to get vector DH3 artwork uploaded to the DH3 website.
A discussion was had about whether the elected RA should be present at namings. Boneless suggested that namings be discussed at one hash and voted on at a subsequent hash. It was decided that the elected RA will decide on future naming policies.