May 2017 Mismanagement Meeting Minutes

May 2017 Mismanagement Meeting Minutes
May 24, 2017 at Caddy’s in Beavercreek
Cock-a-Noodle, 3 & Out, Skin to Win, G-Spot, Boneless, Strap-On Santa, Bermuda Triangle, Organic Dildo, Don’t Give a Blow, P. Head, FIDO, Undercovers, More Leggs, Padiddle, and BMW.
That’s 15 people, people.
30th Analversary:
Skin to Win will contact Chris Jackson at Adventures on the Great Miami for the July 1 camping option.
3 & Out will have a t-shirt add-on option (separate sale from the rego). A patch will be included in the rego.
3 & Out will work with Goes Down Dirty to get the rego form set up.
3 & Out and More Leggs brainstormed about the possibility of spending down some hash cash by giving the first 30 to sign up for the 30th event a plastic DH3 growler.
OHIH 2018:
It looks likely that we’ll have hosting duties for the OHIH 2018 campout. I’ll reach out to the various Ohio kennels to make sure no other kennel or group of kennels would like to take it (to let it move around more from SW Ohio).
FIDO will check on campground options. I looked at the calendar more after the meeting. The final weekend of June would like it up with Dayton’s 31st Analversary. I’d like to avoid conflicting with Rubber City’s Analversary weekend again, which is the second weekend in June. But more on that as committees get formed.
Hash cash:
We’re sitting on a good chunk of change. We identified a couple of small expenditures — BMW suggested a rope available for some of the cliff climbs we’ve subjected ourselves to lately, and someone else (sorry, I failed to record who) suggested a first-aid kit. Boneless offered to assemble the first-aid kit. Boneless, can you also acquire the rope and a pair of carabiners? Receipts to Bermuda for reimbursement.
Undercovers reported that she’s already relaxed the $1 cut from hash cash, and will continue to do so, to make more money available for on-after beer.
P Head suggested we keep a “floor” of $2000, for expenses that will be incurred when setting up campouts, to float until all the regoes come in.
Bermuda and 3 will continue to work out invoicing and payment for haberdashery.
3 & Out is going to work with Santa him on PR and selling his hash vendor items.
Other calendar things:
Hot Tub Slut is promoting a Tour De Hash later this year, July 29-August 6. Nothing really that we need to do for it in particular, but it will kick off with DH3 #1255 and end either with Beercamp or with DH3 #1256 on August 6. Bushwhacker and Bimbo Flasher are haring 1255. I’ll let them know, just for information.
Tomfoolery Beer Mile is August 19, a Sin City Saturday. So we might not have a hash right afterwards. (Last year SWOT had a special hash that day.)
Christmas Lights Hash is currently signed up for as “DH3 Mismanagement”. Talked to the Hareraisers about that being used to indicate that it should have experienced hares, not that all of us would be haring it. 🙂
March 17, 2018, falls on a Sin City Saturday, but it’s Dayton’s turn to host the green dress. I checked with the attendees about several options for handling it, and I will contact Sin City Mismanagement to work out any changes.
Wrap up:
The AED: we need to decide where it should be kept (at the start? or with a walker?) and importantly how do we call if it is needed?
I neglected to relay Dirty’s agenda item: please take this opportunity to review the website in general and let him know of any corrections and suggestions.
And let me and Dirty know of any corrections, omissions, or other comments to these minutes. Then Dirty can post the minutes to the website.
The group size makes meeting venues a challenge. I’ll continue to leverage email and messaging for a lot of elements. Dirty has created a Facebook group for the Mismanagement members who are on Facebook, but I realize that isn’t everyone. I may see about a mailing group (like on Yahoo! or similar) to facilitate email interactions — MailChimp is good for broadcast, not for conversations. Continue to let me know of any issues of upcoming potential agenda items too.
Thanks for helping serve the hash!