Dayton H3 Mis-Management

The Mis-Management of the Dayton H3 is the group of Half-Minds who were silly and/or drunk enough to be coerced into handling the day-to-day business activities of our group.
In the Dayton H3 there are 6 positions that are key to keeping us functioning. Here are the positions and the people who hold them:

    • Grand Master: More Leggs
    • Religious Advisor (RA): Help Get it Up
    • On-Sec: Open
    • Hash Cash: Bonnet Banger
    • Webmeister & BDSM: Open (P. Head is doing for now)
    • Hash Tyrant: P. Head

You can email the mis-managment team at

Here’s a brief explanation of each of the positions:

    • Grand Master: The wanker in charge of this whole affair. Oversees the hash. Has miscellaneous duties out the wazoo, but mostly stays out of these wankers’ way:
    • Religious Advisor (RA): Emcees circle after the run: adjudicates hare & pack crimes, introduces virgins & visitors, and resolves namings. Also responsible for the weather and moon.
    • On-Sec: The secretary. The collector of hash cash, recorder of wanker attendance, and payer of bar bills.
    • Hash Cash: The treasurer. The recorder of hash funds, payer of bills for hash purchases.
    • Webmeister: The maintainer of this website, the mailing list, and the Google calendar.
    • BDSM: Be Doing Social Media. The maintainer of the Facebook public page and closed group.
    • Hash Tyrant: An honorary title given to a past Grand Master. He doesn’t have to do anything but can be counted on to stick his nose in and do whatever is needed on pretty much a moment’s notice.

Positions no longer elected for mismanagement:

    • Haberdasher: The acquirer and seller of hash stuff, T-shirts, and the like, as well as honoraria such as Centurion mugs.
    • Song Meistress: The leader of songs at circle. (But all are encouraged to assist!)
    • Hash Flash: The taker of lots of pictures at the hash. (But all are encouraged to assist!)