Dayton H3 Mis-Management

The Mis-Management of the Dayton H3 is the group of Half-Minds who were silly and/or drunk enough to be coerced into handling the day-to-day business activities of our group.
In the Dayton H3 there are 10 positions that are key to keeping us functioning. Here are the positions and the people who hold them:

Here’s a brief explanation of each of the positions:

    • Grand Master: The wanker in charge of this whole affair. Oversees the hash. Has miscellaneous duties out the wazoo, but mostly stays out of these wankers’ way:
    • Religious Advisor (RA): Emcees circle after the run: adjudicates hare & pack crimes, introduces virgins & visitors, and resolves namings. Also responsible for the weather and moon.
    • On-Sec: The secretary. The collector of hash cash, recorder of wanker attendance, and payer of bar bills.
    • Hash Cash: The treasurer. The recorder of hash funds, payer of bills for hash purchases.
    • Haberdasher: The acquirer and seller of hash stuff, T-shirts, and the like, as well as honoraria such as Centurion mugs.
    • Beer Meister: Procures and schleps beer. Possibly water too. Maybe orange food. Definitely not vessels.
    • Song Meistress: The leader of songs at circle. (But all are encouraged to assist!)
    • Hash Flash: The taker of lots of pictures at the hash. (But all are encouraged to assist!)
    • Walker Wanker: Walker Hash Flash.  Brings walker concerns to Mismanagement meetings.
    • Webmeister: The maintainer of this website, the mailing list, and the Google calendar.
    • BDSM: Be Doing Social Media. The maintainer of the Facebook public page and closed group.
    • Hash Tyrant: An honorary title given to a past Grand Master. He doesn’t have to do anything but can be counted on to stick his nose in and do whatever is needed on pretty much a moment’s notice.