June 5, 2021 DH3 Mismanagement Meeting

DH3 MM Executive Committee (all present):

More Leggs (GM) 937-312-4454 kbrun57@gmail.com
Help Get It Up (RA) 937-344-2589 the1nonlydood@gmail.com
Spongejob Sugar Bush (ON-SEC) 937-231-3483 ashleyohus@yahoo.com
Blood-Sucking Bonnet Banger (Hash Cash) 937-477-8958     McNamara.Catherine@hotmail.com P-Head (Tyrant) 937-776-1050 paulhasher@gmail.com

1. Welcomed new MM team members and thanked previous members, Help and P-Head, for their continued service. Current MM appreciates the assistance of Cock-a-Noodle and 3-and-Out with the  transition, and fully recognize the negative impact of Covid on the DH3 kennel. 
2. Discussed MM transition and what was needed to make it go as smooth as possible.
3. Discussed hash cash and are considering “forgiveness” of hash cash not collected for trails between  #1411 (6/5/20) and #1462 (5/25).    Decision dependent on an accurate accounting of hash cash.
ACTION: Let Bonnet know if you have an outstanding DH3-related receipt.
4. Discussed owed and upcoming analversary awards. Bonnet Banger will update records.  ACTION: Let Bonnet know if you are owed an analversary award.
5. Discussed availability of business cards that all hashers can use to promote the hash
ACTION: Let Spongejob know if you have surplus that you don’t plan to use.  If you have the  artwork for the current design, please forward that to her. She will design a new card, if  needed, and will include our public Facebook page link. 
6. Discussed the findings of the previous surveys and their impact on current decisions.   Help Get It Up will obtain the survey results and will share them with MM for future decision making. 
7. Discussed the DH3 2021 calendar; the need for hare sign-ups and a pack-friendly way to sign up to hare.  We can all promote haring by becoming hares, encouraging others to be hares and teaming up with those who have never hared before.   Get involved!….plan to hare to honor your birthday and/or your hash analversary; highlight a favorite theme, or hare/plan one of our annual events etc. 
ACTION:  We are looking for ways to make hare sign up easier.  Please share your ideas.
8. Discussed the need for and appointed the following Committee positions.   Please note, these  Committee Members are not members of the Executive Committee and do not have MM voting privileges .
a.  Hare Raiser – Porkless   carl.brun17@gmail.com
Porkless and MM  are excited to welcome Ogre Under, who has hare raising experience with  PGH-H3, and any other hashers willing to assist in this capacity.
ACTION:   Send your personal hare dates to Porkless and hash erections to P-Head.
b.  Haberdasher – Catwoman    tallsandi@gmail.com
ACTION:   Send Hab ideas to Catwoman.    Spongejob will itemize hab received from 3-and-Out.  If you have any Hab that can be sold, please let Spongejob or Catwoman know.  c.  c.  Webmeister – P-Head
ACTION:   If you have an interest in serving in this capacity, please let P-Head know.
9. MM is encouraged that approximately 90 hashers voted in this election and wants to hear more from you. 
 ACTION:   What are your ideas on how to promote the hash? What would bring you back  regularly as a pack member or hare?   Please send More Leggs ideas/concerns by June 25th.  
10. Discussed and agreed to continue to allow dogs on trail when they are leashed and supervised.
11.  MM will be reviewing and discussing other pertinent issues at the next MM meeting after more information is gathered.

Next MM meeting is scheduled for June 29.

DH3 Campout
Panty Remover & Short & Sassy Homestead (Springfield)
Saturday, July 10 to Sunday, July 11
Co-camp counselors: Help Get It Up and P-Head
Hares: Panty Remover and Hot Tub
More details to come!