June 29, 2021 Mismanagement Meeting Minutes

DH3 MM Executive Committee (all present):
More Leggs (GM) 937-312-4454 kbrun57@gmail.com
Help Get It Up (RA) 937-344-2589 the1nonlydood@gmail.com
Spongejob Sugar Bush/SJSB (ON-SEC) 937-231-3483 ashleyohus@yahoo.com
Blood-Sucking Bonnet Banger (Hash Cash) 937-477-8958 McNamara.Catherine@hotmail.com
P-Head (Tyrant) 937-776-1050 paulhasher@gmail.com

DH3 MM Committee Members (all present):
Catwoman – tallsandi@gmail.com
Porkless – carl.brun17@gmail.com

Old Business

  1. Accounting of Hash Cash (Bonnet Banger)
    o Bank Balance – $1,300
    o Honorariums
    § Items on hand from previous orders have been obtained from Three & Out and given
    to Bonnet (via SJSB); detailed inventory has been taken; kilt order placed prior to
    election by Three (no details on order, assume no balance is due; items may require
    § Analysis has been done to determine milestones attained between 8/29/19 and
    6/22/21 to track who has received and who has not and what items need to be
    ordered; also contains “anticipated” milestones through 7/2022 (milestones = 5,10,
    25, 50, 69, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100 and 1200)
    § Still have 7 people (100+ hash milestone) to confirm if they have received their
    § Ambiguity around necklaces; many thought Fourgasm did them without
    compensation for people she wanted to; Three had mentioned DH3 paid for supplies
    and would need to pay her $100 for 2021 if she was still interested in doing them
    § Would like to include recognition for Hares (i.e. 10, 25, 69 and 100)
    § Current “worst case” scenario of funds needed to fulfill all milestones is $1,500

    ACTION: SJSB to send updated analysis to Bonnet; Bonnet will review data and confirm with remaining people (100+ hashes) if they have received their item and place orders accordingly including Centurion Mugs for those expected through July 2022

    ACTION: Bonnet to review what has been given historically and provide recommendations
    for items to be given going forward at next MM meetiing (i.e. nothing personalized until 25+
    hashes, use existing patch inventory for 5 or 10, DH3 whistle, Road ID, etc.); goal is to make
    ordering items easier and ensure people are committed before buying something

    ACTION: Bonnet to follow up with Fourgasm to see if she’s still interested in making
    necklaces; give her bead supplies obtained from Three and pay her for 2021 (as needed)

    ACTION: Bonnet and Catwoman to work together to identify vendors

    o Covid Hash Cash
    § In light of the status with honorariums due, the low inventory of decals, etc, the
    upcoming campout, etc., we agreed to make an attempt to collect past due hash
    • 51 hashes from 6/13/20 to 5/25/21 were conducted where hares collected
    for the ice, beer and orange food; $1 for hash cash was not collected
    o (24) on Saturday: 6/13, 6/27, 7/11, 7/25, 8/8, 8/22, 8/29, 9/5, 9/19,
    10/3, 10/17, 10/31, 11/14, 11/28, 12/12, 12/26, 1/9, 1/23, 2/6, 2/20,
    3/6, 3/13, 3/20, 4/3, 4/17 ,5/1 and 5/15
    o (27) on Moons: 6/22, 7/6, 7/20, 8/3, 8/18, 9/2, 9/17, 10/1, 10/16,
    10/29, 11/16, 11/30, 12/14, 1/1, 1/12, 1/28, 2/11, 2/26, 3/14, 3/28,
    4/11, 4/26, 5/10 and 5/25
    o 3 posted amounts due thru 9/17/20 on a Facebook post; some
    settled up with her for those amounts due (collection records are
    incomplete); we are working on running another report to figure
    who owes what after that date thru 5/25; will have to use the “honor
    system” to collect hash cash that is due
    • 12 unnumbered hashes from 3/24/20 to 6/5/20 are not included in DH3
    official accounting or stats and have incomplete attendance records; nothing
    is due for these hashes

    ACTION: Hashers to pay the On-Sec (SJSB) $1 hash cash for hashes done between 6/13/20
    (#1411) and 5/25/21 (#1462); SJSB to post details regarding this on Facebook and figure out
    amounts due after 9/17 post
  2. Stats (Sugar Bush)
    o Nothing further to report beyond Honorarium analysis, DH3 inventory, and Covid hash data at this time
  3. DH3 Promotion & Growth (All)
    o We have about 300 DH3 business cards on hand; will reorder more when those run out (will keep the wording as is and will add Facebook details to next design)
    o MM coordinated drinking practices, reach out to local running groups & post on event boards
    § Ohio River Road Runners Club – club races
    § WPAFB – newspaper ad, online event post, spouse groups, etc.
    § Meet Up
    § Dayton Most Metro
    § Dayton.com
    o Reach out to hashers who were active in Late Summer/Fall 2019 (10+ hashes) and have not yet returned

    ACTION: See Porkless or More Leggs if you need DH3 business cards to hand out

    ACTION: Bonnet to contact Open Whore and More Leggs to contact Ballsmasher to get ideas for where the hash may advertise and place generic ads about the hash that refer interested people to the website or Facebook page

    ACTION: Everyone give thought to how we might reach out to “inactive” hashers and share
    your ideas with MM
  4. Calendar/Hare Raising (Porkless)
    o Coordinating and ensuring data is correct on the Google Sheet, website Google calendar,
    Facebook events, and paper calendar for sign ups at circle is difficult; looking for ways to simplify
    o Google Sheet is the “official” date/hare detail; everything else should feed from that
    o Sunday, August 8 will be a joint hash with Unmasked at 2pm (Hares: Catwoman and CIS)
    o Sunday, August 22 will be a joint hash with Unmasked at 2pm (Hare: Noodle & ???)
    o Labor Day (9/6) we will look to do a joint hash with SC4 in Middletown area
    o Air Force Marathon is 9/18
    o Saturday, 9/18 is Oktoberfest Zinzinnati and will be a joint hash with SC4
    o Saturday, 10/2 will be the Red Dress (need hares!)
    o Friday, 12/17 will be the Christmas Lights Hash (need hares!)
    o DH3 hash scheduled for 12/25 will be moved to Sunday, 12/26 and we will look to do a joint hash with Unmasked

    ACTION: Help to reach out to Just Mark to see if he’d like to co-hare on Friday 7/23

    ACTION: P-Head to review website calendar information and update accordingly; all hashes should be posted on the calendar even if there are no hares or details

    ACTION: Porkless to contact Swizzle to determine alternative hare date for his Birthday hash (i.e. 9/4 or 9/6)

    ACTION: Determine support for Air Force Marathon at next MM meeting
  5. Haberdashery Inventory (Catwoman)
    o Inventory needs to be rebuilt
    o Help would love to have a shirt designed around “We’re from Dayton so give us a beer!”

    ACTION: SJSB to send DH3 Inventory to Catwoman

    ACTION: Catwoman to provide recommendations for orders/inventory at next MM meeting
  6. DH3 Campout – 7/10 & 7/11 (Help/P-Head)
    o Lots to do to get ready; Panty has created a detailed checklist – more hands make for lighter work for all
    o Tentative Schedule: DH3 Trail #1469, Beer Mile, Hash Olympics, Shooting Star/Midnight Naked and DH3 Trail #1470 (Morning After Fat Boy)
    o $20.00; first 30 to check in get haberdashery
    o Primitive camping – trailers are OK but there is no hookup
    o No kids; dogs are OK, but you have to watch and clean up after them
    o Campers to provide their own food, utensils, plates, beer outside of circle, bug spray, etc.
    o Hash to provide propane, circle beer, water & trail food
    o Parking instructions need to be made clear (i.e. paint lines??) and followed by all; can unload at campsite and then park (back in to parking spot)

    ACTION: P-Head to coordinate buying 200 cans of beer

    ACTION: Everyone should pitch in during a workday at Panty’s farm to prepare or arrive early on Saturday to help with last minute preparation; contact Help or P-Head or check out
    Facebook for updates

    ACTION: Hashers/Campers follow all parking instructions so you don’t end up in the ditch;
    any calls for a tow truck will be at the driver’s expense!

    ACTION: Contact Help or P-Head if you want to volunteer to host a game for the Hash
    Olympics or Shooting Star

    ACTION: Bonnet to look into PayPal account to see if that can be offered as method of
  7. DH3 Policies (More Leggs)
    o Children – inclusion/exclusion needs to be a DH3 policy and not determined by hares
    o Banning Review
    § Need to review DH3 and other kennel rules/policies
    § Need details as to specific reason for ban
    § Affected parties will be invited to talk with MM

New Business

  1. Hazzar Marker Maintenance (Sugar Bush)
    o A hasher mentioned that the marker looked as if it needed some attention and maintenance

    ACTION: Bonnet to arrange a drinking practice to make needed improvements

*** End of Meeting Minutes ***

Open Issues:
o DH3 Policies
o Camp Out Wrap Up
o Honorarium Recommendations
o Haberdashery Recommendations

Upcoming MM Meetings/Agenda Topics:

Tuesday, 7/20 at 6:00pm (Executive Committee)
• DH3 Policies
• Camp Out Wrap Up

Tuesday, 7/27 at 6:00pm (Executive Committee)
• Banning Review – Individual discussions with affected parties (by appointment)