July 2017 Mismanagement Meeting Minutes

Mismanagement Minutes 25 July 2017
Attendees: Don’t Give a Blow, G-Spot, Cock-a-Noodle, 3 & Out, Goes Down Dirty, FIDO, Undercovers, Porkless, Padiddle, Organic Dildo, Bermuda Triangle, Skin to Win, Slap Ya Mama, More Leggs, Boneless
2018 Calendar
We discussed the proposed days, festivals, conflicted dates.
1/1 moon hash will be moved to on 12/31 and combined with SWOT. We will still have the 1/1 hangover hash on 1/1.
2/10 is Dayton Saturday. We can call it the Gispert Memorial if SCH4 isn’t running a Gispert Memorial on 2/11.
Mardi Gras is 2/13.  Valentine’s Day is 2/14. Mardi Gras Hash will be 2/16 New Moon, VD Hash will be 2/10 Saturday.
Two Full Moons are joint with SWOT.
November Full Moon was on Thanksgiving. Will move to Friday for a Black Friday Hash. Padiddle to hare.
We will try out joint hyper hashes with MVH3 when Dayton Moon Hashes fall on the first Thursday of the month. Boneless will clarify hash cash.
12/6 is a moon hash. SCH4 usually has a 21st Amendment Hash on 12/5. We will see their calendar and discuss whether we want to move to be joint with this or keep it Thursday and be joint with MVH3. Or do both.
It was asked ow many joints do we have now?  “Lots”, but not set in stone.
10/20 World Peace Through Beer Hash. We’ll be collaborating with SCH4 for shirts.
Spring Formal on 5/19.
Would like to get dates for some 2018 festivals and make sure our hares embrace them where possible: Celtic Fest, German Fest, Ale Fest, Ale Feast, etc.
OHIH 2018
Rollover money
FIDO researched many locations and presented the top three selections: J & J Party Enterprises, 4H Camp, and Camp Clifton. We picked  J & J Party Enterprises in Greenville. It will be $1200 for the weekend of 8/17 – 8/19. $150 deposit.
Venue: FIDO, Boneless, Blow
Safety: OD
Games/Events: Slap, Gspot
Food: Pulley, More Leggs, Dirty
Trails: Noodle, Porkless, PHead
* Thursday: Dirty
* Friday
* Sat Morning
* Sat Afternoon
* NLC: Dick Lips
* Fat Boy: Padiddle
* Shooting Star
* Midnight Naked
Hab: 3 & Out (Camp counselor shirt)
Rego: Skin, 3 & Out
Beer: Gimp, Padiddle
Budget: Bermuda
We’ll be handing out hare credits like candy for trail hares, committee members, and basically anyone who helps make this shitshow happen.
Crisis Management & transfer of regos pending more write ups. Default resolution is “first to sign up” for potential attendees who cannot be colocated. Noodle to communicate individually.
2017 AF Marathon
Need a Beer Near Coordinator
Hash Cash Report
$3500 in bank
Registered as Dayton Hash House Harriers as a fictional name entity non-profit
Got the tax number to 3 & Out for Paypal etc.
Account will have hash cash and GM on it (done!)
For those who shop at GFS, Phead set up DH3 as a loyalty shopping rewards recipient.
Business cards
Contacts listed were discussed. Currently have Tyrant & GM in the limited space.
Red Dress
September 9
Porkless and Herpe
Budget to come. Possibly $11 hash cash with $1 for charity.
The kennel could subsidize. If any non-campout events were subsidized, Red Dress would be the top of the list.
Charity: Slap’s running group (through school donation)
Dayton Camp Out
WE haven’t had a DH3-specific campout in a few years, because of Nash Hash and OHIH. Boneless is percolating the possibility of another cozier event alongside 2018 OHIH