July 20, 2021 Mismanagement Meeting Minutes

DH3 MM Executive Committee (all present):
More Leggs (GM) 937-312-4454 kbrun57@gmail.com
Help Get It Up (RA) 937-344-2589 the1nonlydood@gmail.com
Spongejob Sugar Bush/SJSB (ON-SEC) 937-231-3483 ashleyohus@yahoo.com
Blood-Sucking Bonnet Banger (Hash Cash) 937-477-8958 McNamara.Catherine@hotmail.com
P-Head (Tyrant) 937-776-1050 paulhasher@gmail.com

DH3 MM Committee Members (not present):
Catwoman – tallsandi@gmail.com
Porkless – carl.brun17@gmail.com

Old Business

  1. DH3 Campout – 7/10 & 7/11 (Help/P-Head)
    o Weather and turnout were better than expected
    § 33 for Saturday trail
    § 15 for Sunday trail
    o Many thank you’s are needed for those who went the extra mile:
    § Panty Remover & Short and Sassy for hosting
    § Hot Tub Slut for scouting a great trail (… through a sea of poison ivy) and Panty for
    helping HTS to navigate the nearby lands and neighbors
    § Help Get it Up, P. Head, More Leggs, Porkless, and Cock in a Box spent countless
    hours getting the property ready… including removing dead trees and restringing
    power lines
    § The UnaLicker added to the fun with great Hash Olympics games
    § Shot stations were hosted by Short and Sassy, Porkless, Pool Tool, Catwoman, The
    UnaLicker and ¼” Dick Inside Her
    o All dogs were well behaved
    o Hashers “left the campground in better condition” – Panty and Short & Sassy appreciated the care and respect of the homestead
    o Lessons learned: 40-50 would be maximum for the property; make “exit” path easier to see at night (i.e. flour marks)

Executive Session

  1. DISCUSSION: DH3 Policies
    o Dogs
    o Children
    o Banning

*** End of Meeting Minutes ***

Open Issues:
o DH3 Policies
o Honorarium Recommendations
o Haberdashery Recommendations

Upcoming MM Meetings/Agenda Topics:

Tuesday, 7/27 at 6:00pm (Executive Committee)
• Banning Review – Individual discussions with affected parties (by appointment)