January 2020 Mismanagement Meeting Minutes

Dayton Hash House Harriers Mis-Management Meeting Minutes
January 29, 2020 @ The Troll Pub

Wankers Present: Porkless, G Spot, Dick Lips, Pull and Pray, & Skin to Win.

Hash Cash report by Skin 

  • Current balance is $2062, which is close to the same amount at this time last year
  • He is interested in running for this position next year.

Webmeister, Goes Down Dirty via email

  • Is writing up a description of responsibilities for Webmesiter;
  • Dirty will not be running for this position next year.

RA, G Spot

  • Has been having others rotate trying out the RA spot, primarily Help and also Dick Lips
  • G Spot will not be running for this position next year.

On Sec, Three and Out via phone

  • Is available to discuss responsibilities of this position; will not be running for this position next year
  • We are looking into celebrating the Dayton analversary at a canoe/camp site south of Dayton, possibly Morgan Canoe Livery in Oregonia or River’s Edge in Spring Valley.

Songmeister, Dick Lips

  • Suggested adding Sergeant at Arms to Songmeister role to help keep the private parties to a minimum during circles. 
  • She is interested in running for RA

Hash Flash, Pulley

  • Suggested removing hash flash as a mismanagement position since pictures are being posted by multiple hashers. 
  • She is interested in contacting hashers who haven’t attended lately or attended a few times and stopped coming; what we’ve called in the past hashpitality.  She would do this role without being an official member of mismanagement

Haberdashery, VD

  • Needs everyone’s information via email (VD.Hasher@gmail.com) for Happi coats by 12 February
  • He will not be running for this position next year. 

GM report, Porkless

  • Is interested in running for GM
  • Will be sending out requests for Year in Review, which will be at the Spring Formal hash on April 4
  • Asked that hare raiser be brought back as a mismanagement position to have a person whose sole responsibility is to encourage and assist hares; all agreed
  • Discussed elections process:
  • To vote persons have attended 10 or more DH3 hashes from Jan. 1, 2019 through Feb. 29, 2020
  • To be nominated for a position, a hasher will have 75 hashes with DH3 by Feb. 29, 2020
  • Will follow the same voting procedures as last year; nominations will start March 1, 2020 for 2 weeks; voting from March 16-30

Good of the Order

  • We need to figure out consistent procedures for naming of new hashers.  One criteria we all agreed on was that the naming should relate to something deserving the hasher did that is hash related.  We also agreed that setting a minimum number of hashes attended is not necessarily the best criteria to follow.  We also didn’t like all of the extreme questions that are asked sometimes rather than asking questions to get to know the person better.  Receiving a name is an act of belonging to our group; we don’t want the process to result in people not coming back.
  • Open Centurion meeting will be on Feb. 18 at 6:30 at the Troll Pub in the bookcase room.

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