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DH3 # 1383 – Quarter Barrel’s Revenge

September 21, 2019 @ 4:00 pm

Hares: Help Get It Up and Porkless

Cost: $6

Chalk Talk & Hares Away: 4:10

Location: Bowers Lake Parking Lot



515 E. Wenger Road

Englewood,  45322

Between Creative Tabletops and Edelweiss German Club

Take Main Street/Route 48 exit off of I-70, turn right onto Main; Wenger is the next major intersection; turn right and go almost to the end.  Do not park at Edelweiss; pre-lube with discretion.

Trails: The starting point is the ending point from last year’s best trail of 2018, hared by Quarter Barrel.  He’s getting his revenge by having another shiggy-licious trail without even being a hare!!

There will be a Walkers and Runners Trail.  Walkers Trail will be A-A, 2 mile trail with shiggy level of 2.69: shiggy and chances to get wet (if you don’t get wet, it’s your own fault).  If you prefer a gentler .69 trail, 1 mile trail, ask the hares before circle.

Runners trail is A-B, 3 mile trail with shiggy level of 3.69 (.31 taken off for the very little pavement we could not avoid): shiggy, climbing, and chances to get wet (read disclaimer under Walkers trail).

There will be a B wagon for circle and erections for Walkers to find circle.

To Bring: Jeans, gators, long socks, long pants, long sleeve shirt:  anything to protect you from cranium to toe from poison ivy to nettles (does anything really stop the sting of nettles?).  Water protection for your phone, if you choose to bring it; this would be a good time to bring that nifty dry bag giveaway from OHIH 2019.  Change of shoes.   The above applies to Walkers and Runners.

Other usual stuff:  virgins, whistle, vessel, Centurion Mug, change of clothes, lawn chair

On After: Bolts Sports Cafe 910 S Main St, Englewood, OH 45322; Just North of Wenger Road.

Lost/Confused: Contact the Hares:  Porkless 937-470-8739;  Help 937-344-2589


September 21, 2019
4:00 pm


515 East Wenger Road, Englewood, OH
515 East Wenger Road
Englewood, OH United States
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