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DH3 #1517 Dirty Organ Pavement Pounder Fish Full Moon

Who: Baroquen Organ and Dirty Flamingo

What: Don’t forget to start your GPS trackers, because this pavement is getting POUNDED! A to A to A to A clover trail through the scenic rolling hills of suburban Dayton.

When: The eve of the Salmon Full Moon……….. Wednesday, July 13th 

Prelube starting @ 6:30pm

Chalk talk @ 7pm Dayton standard time (any time between 7:05-7:22pm EDT)

Prelube, On-start, On-after: Baroquen’s backyard

1046 Yorkshire Place, Dayton, Ohio 45419

Cost: $6

Length: ~6669.0 meters 

Shiggy: 0.69-1.69

Dogs: yes <3

Bring: Virgins, whistles, a fat strap-on (to pound the pavement with), bug spray, hash attire, gifts for the hares (a live flamingo and/or coot would be best but dead is still acceptable), and a spirit of adventure 😉

Additional info: There’s ample free street parking in the whole neighborhood but please don’t park between the cones directly in front of the house unless you want the devil to bite off your toes.

Lost, Lonely, Confused: Call Baroquen Organ at 973-943-8216 or Dirty Flamingo at 763-923-9492