August 2019 Mismanagement Meeting Minutes

Dayton Hash House Harriers Centurion Meeting August 5, 2019
Dayton Canoe Company


Wankers Present: Porkless, 3 n out, G Spot, Skin to Win, Goes Down Dirty, VD, Pull and Pray, Dick Lips, P-Head, Boneless, More Leggs, Slap Your Mama, Sir Squirts a Lot, Cat Woman, and Hot Tub Slut

We started the meeting with a memorial toast to those killed and hurt during the senseless violence in the Oregon District and El Paso. Each MM then gave a report.

Haberdashery, VD and Boneless – VD displayed many new items which can be personally made by request: hats, shirts, and straps for bags. There is a local person who will customize items without requiring bulk orders. VD & Boneless will look into lanyards for those quickly approaching 50 Dayton hashes.

Songmeistress, Dick Lips – Has some songs she’s transporting from other hashes and will post those to the Dayton facebook and web page. Suggestion was made to have choir practice on a non-hash night.

RA, G Spot – Continuing to keep a rowdy pack together during circle. We all need to do our part by avoiding private parties. Asked for walkers to provide more crime information about fellow walkers for the circle.

On Sec, 3 & Out – We are phasing out the vests and replacing them with kilts for 300 year annalversaries; also phasing out the old 200 jackets; we need new lanyards.

Hash Flash, Pulley – We’ll have calendars this year, but will order less. We had a lot left over.

Webmeister, Goes Down Dirty – we all agreed to renew the small, annual fee for the website; we need to keep the list-serve number of names to under 500 to prevent major hassles in maintenance. We agreed for GDD to remove persons who have not frequented the site over multiple years.

Hash Cash, Skin to Win – our bank balance is $2083.29. This does not include monies collected from the weekly hashes, which are also used to buy analversary mementos. Agreed that funds from the weekly hashes will be deposited to the bank account every month.

GM, Porkless – circulated a draft “hare checklist” to be posted to the website as tips and suggestions for new and seasoned hares; circulated a beginning 2020 schedule to make sure annual dates are accounted for; suggested that beginning in Nov, 2019, only posting the calendar three months out in order to prioritize covering the upcoming hashes.

Good of the Order comments:

Our weekly attendance has been dwindling; we all need to welcome new hashers and reach out to those who have been sporadic.

Seasoned hares to reach out to virgin hares to co-hare toghether; suggestion was made for persons not to be named until they co-hare. No vote taken.

Voted that OHIH attendance will equal one Dayton H3 credit; only those hares for the Saturday afternoon hash will get credit as a DH3 hare

How to acknowledge 100 harings; only 2 DH3 hashers to date have made this milestone: QB and P-Head (twice). Two more are quickly approaching it: More Leggs and Porkless. It was agreed to acknowledge the milestone with a hare bag.

Donations from the Red Dress will go towards a fund for victims of the Dayton shooting.

We voted that there will be a limit of 4 hares receiving credit on any given DH3 trail, except for special events. At most hashes, 3 hares is enough.

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