April 2019 Mismanagement Meeting Minutes

Dayton Hash House Harriers Mismanagement Meeting April 16, 2019

Dayton Beer Company

Wankers Present: G Spot, Porkless, 3 n out, Skin to Win, VD, Pull and Pray, Dick Lips, P-Head, Goes Down Dirty

Over the sounds of Trivia Night and complaints about no parking because it was a Dragon’s night, we began with a toast to a wonderful pack we have here in Dayton!!

We Ok’d two separate requests to move upcoming Sunday moon hashes in June from 7 to 4.  We ask that hares continue to make On out change requests well in advance – 4 weeks at least, if possible.

We agreed to look into purchasing a “memorial stein/mug”, on which we list all of the recent (last 5 or so years) DH3 hashers who have passed away.  The mug will be passed around during the annual Memorial Hash circle. Habberdashery will look into options.

3 n out will post an announcement for hashers to assist a DH3 hasher in distress, Fresh Step.  Her grandson was injured severely in a malicious car assault. Details on the web page.

Great Adventures on the Miami will be the site of Dayton’s analversary on June 29.  3 n out will send out details on how persons can reserve camping for the 28th and/or 29th at own costs.  DH3 will cover the regular beer and snacks for the hash, but hashers are responsible for own beverages and snacks for the overnights.  We are requesting an isolated area for the hashers. There is canoeing and other water craft fun on site.

Hash credit.  Hash credit will be given to those who sign the book during Sign In before the hash and through the end of circle.  After that, no hash credit. Also, Sin City Beer Camp is scheduled during the Dayton Celtic Fest hash. There will be no DH3 hash credit for those attending the SCH4 Beer camp.

Private parties during circle.  Many creative ideas were presented to decrease the # of private parties during the circle.  Be ready for some fun.

Song mistress Dick Lips asked for assistance from MM to help introduce new songs and lead songs when she is not there.  We will do so.

Co-haberdasher VD asked for ideas for the top 3 items to always have on hand.  Our choices were tank tops, patches, and buffs. There are many other ideas he and Boneless will explore.

A request was made from the pack to change the “No Dogs at DH3” rule.  We all know the reason the rule was put in place, because of an accident that happened when two dogs were not leashed during circle.  Three options were presented: 1) Keep the no dogs rule; 2) Allow hare discretion; or 3) Have one announced and well prepared Dog Friendly hash/year (excluding joint hashes with Miami Valley or SWOT, which do allow dogs).  The vote supported having one dog friendly DH3 hash/year. MM will announce the date. Hares cannot just proclaim that a specific day is dog friendly. On the dog friendly date, dogs must be kept on a leash and under the control of the owner.  Dogs will never be permitted at DH3 campout events.

Any hasher can bring up any concerns to any Mismanagement hasher at any time.  You can email concerns or questions or praises to mismanagement@daytonhhh.org.  This email goes to all MM members at the same time.

Later in the summer there will be a Centuriun Drinking practice.  This will be a time to share ideas and share what we all have in common – a love for beer and wine!!

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