February Meeting Minutes

Attendance:  Strap-On Santa, Skin to Win, Undercovers, Cock-a-Noodle, BMW, PHead, Catwoman, G-Spot, Porkless, and More Leggs
1. Minutes from the Dec. 6, 2016 meeting were approved.
2. Brief position reports :
Hash Armorer: Santa continues to check out hash mugs to improve quality. He is also looking into a smaller trail mug in either stainless steel or plastic. He will try to ensure that the trail mugs are distinct from the Centurion mugs. Santa has the ability to personalize shirts, chairs etc. and was encouraged to send the hash contact and product info so individuals can purchase items.
Hash Flash: Skin and Pulley have been keeping DH3 (and at times SCH4) supplied with LOTS of fun photos. Noodle downloads all that are sent to FB and places them in albums on the DH3 web page.
ON-Sec: Undercovers says we continue to average 30-40 folks at hashes. She is keeping track of upcoming hash and hare analversaries and keeps stats updated.
Web & Social Media:  Noodle says the media sites are working well. Goes Down Dirty also has Google Calendar working as another information option. Noodle says there has been a request to resend upcoming hash erections. He will resend only if the hares have given him a revision, but not for simple reminders. Wankers are encouraged to add the events to whatever calendars they use in Real Life.
Hare Raiser: Porkless says that hares have been found for Sat. hashes until Sept and moons until Aug. It was noted that this does not give much opportunity for new hashers or walkers to become hares. It is recommended that current hares ask new or inexperienced hashers to hare with them and that anyone who has an interest in haring, ask to join a current hare. The next major event that needs a hare is the Sat. Sept 9 th Annual Joint Red Dress hash and party. See Porkless if you are interested.
Haberdashery:  Cat reports that she has a good inventory of DH3 patches (some hashers purchase them to trade when they visit other kennels), shirts and sweat pants. She is checking into shorts.
Hash Cash:  DH3 is solvent. Money is available for special events/haberdashery/analversaries as needed.
3. Old Business:
a. Status of HashIT, Hashpitality, Trail Sweep: Tokens have been returning more consistently thanks to G-Spot who takes home the HashIT and mismanagement who takes home the Hashpitality. We will continue to try to award both at each hash. We have inconsistently been able to find volunteers to act as trail sweep. We will no longer solicit for this, but we encourage all who bring a virgin to monitor him/her on trail and for all to “buddy” each week (run/walk with or at least be aware that they are missing) to ensure hashers have a companion and to reduce “lost” hashers.
b. 30th Analversary: Dayton officially turns 30 on June 28th . There was some discussion regarding how we want to celebrate this milestone. The current schedule is for VD and Noodle to re-enact the first trail on the actual analversary date, which is a Wednesday. July 1st is a Sat. hash day hared by Undercovers and Noodle. Some had ideas about a possible camp-out week-end at The Adventures on the Great Miami site. Possible give-aways were also discussed. Such planning is beyond what the original hares had in mind. Porkless agreed to contact Tom Foolery and discuss options at the campsite. He will report back. Please give the hares your thoughts on how to celebrate and your name if you are interested in helping make this event a success.
c. 2017 elections: The process and time frame for this year’s mismanagement elections was discussed. All positions are open for nominations-except Hash Tyrant. This position is held by previous GM’s only. Noodle will be taking nominations throughout March. Email to [email protected] (and CC the person you’re nominating, please). A survey monkey vote will occur in April and the new team will be announced at the Spring Formal on May 6th.
All are welcome to nominate themselves or others, but make sure the person you are nominating is willing to run. Please see the current position holder if a more detailed description of the position is needed.
GM: overseer-in-charge; holds mismanagement meetings; writes year in review; other janitorial duties as needed. (Any hasher with 100 or more Dayton runs is eligible.)
On Sec: statistician: keeps all hash records/analversaries and manages funds from runs.
Hash Armorer: purchases analversary gifts, works with Haberdashery on hash supplies purchases.
Haberdashery: Keeps track of and sells hash supplies; works with hash armorer on purchases.
RA (Religious advisor): Runs the circle after the hash, brings good weather.
Sergeant of Arms: Records infractions on trail and helps to control circle.
Hare Raiser: Recruits hares for upcoming hashes.
Web and Social Media: Sends out erections via FB and email and maintains web site.
Hash Cash: Maintains and balances the bank book.
Songmeister: Leads and/or assists with circle songs.
Hash Flash: Takes pics and posts them on FB.
Any hasher who hashed 10 or more Dayton trails in 2016 is eligible to vote. If you have 10 or more hashes from March 1 2016 through February 28 2017, exceptions can be made, we just have to check the stats a little differently. The voting cannot be anonymous.
4. New Business:
a. Noodle requested an alternative number for the Renegade Cow-Tipping Campout, as we did with the Horse’s Ass Inaugural Red Dress Run, giving Dayton hashers the option of attending either the regularly scheduled Dayton run or the “area kennel” event, with the potential of picking one such event from the various area kennels each year. The vote was against repeating the option.
b. Hash Stats in general: Out-of-town events that are coordinated with Dayton Mismanagement may take the place of a DH3 run and be numbered. This occurred last year for Nash Hash and will occur this summer for Ohio Interhash. DH3 hashers who attend the June 9-11 Ohio InterHash will receive credit for 3 DH3 hashes and 4 SCH4 hashes. (Dayton does not give credit for the Shooting Star.)
c. Calendar: The July 15th hash (Short and Sassy’s 75th! Birthday and 200th! hash) could be a campout opportunity at Panty Remover’s farm if enough hashers are interested. See Panty if you would like this option. The 9/19 New Moon hash has been moved to 9/20 so as to not conflict with SCH4’s Talk Like a Pirate hash. See Porkless if you are interested in haring on 9/20.
d. Hash Cash: DH3 generally charges $6.00 hash cash and $4.00 if the bar does not sell pitchers. It was discussed and agreed upon again that there are no different pricing levels based on hasher’s consumption. Hash cash covers more than beer as stated in a previous meeting’s minutes. We believe that the fun and camaraderie of DH3 is priceless
e. Namings: DH3 names new hashers after they earn a name. This frequently means by their 5th or 6th run, but it may take longer in order to avoid an unfortunate “forced” naming. Unnamed hashers anxious for naming are encouraged to sign up to hare with an experienced hare or two, who can then grill the unnamed hasher for good naming suggestions. Unnamed hashers who are intentionally being quiet so as to avoid “earning” a hilarious name may have to wait longer. 🙂
f. Drinking Practice: Santa asks that we save April 7th for drinking practice at the Star City Brewing Co. in Miamisburg. This is “new beer” day: the day in 1933 when the sale of beer became legal again in the US. Details to follow.
g. think about whether Dayton wants to bid for Ohio InterHash for 2018 and possibly combine it with our usual campout to celebrate our 1300th hash.
The next mismanagement meeting is tentatively scheduled for May 8th.
Happy trails,
More Leggs
P.S.  save March 18th for joint Green Dress in Middletown, with erections to come out shortly!