Minutes from December 2016 Mismanagement Meeting

Attendance: Undercovers, El Douche Bag, G-Spot, Dick Lips, BMW, Cock-a-Noodle, Bermuda Triangle, ¼ Barrel, PHead, Catwoman, Strap-On Santa, More Leggs

      1. Minutes from Aug 17th meeting were previously emailed and approved.
      2. Brief position reports:
        • Hare Raiser: No concerns. Porkless is recruiting hare signups and the pack is responding well. There is always a need for more walker participation. Next open date is January 11th, a moon trail. Cock-a-Noodle said that he could fill that date if no one else requests it.
        • Haberdashery: It was reported that there is inventory available, including mugs with handles that can be used as a trail hash mug. Sweatpants are on order. Catwoman will be ordering more DH3 patches and giving Bermuda Triangle some haberdasher funds.
        • RA/Sgt at Arms: Discussion was held regarding the trial use of hares selecting an RA and the RA selecting the Sgt. at Arms. All agree that with the increase of average numbers attending the hash, circle control is challenging. However, with the approach of winter, some speculate that circle control will be easier. It was decided that the hares will continue to select the RA but that when hash elections are held in the spring, we would nominate 2 hashers to become the RA-either a main and an understudy or 2 who share the responsibility by taking turns. It was also decided that a permanent Sgt. at Arms would be elected in the spring to ensure good tracking (as ¼ Barrel has done in the past) of hash crimes etc. It was also suggested that DH3 have a “beer bitch” (or bastard) who would ensure that no one in the circle is thirsty and who can assist in monitoring the circle for wayward conversations.
        • Hash Armorer: Strap-On Santa is working on sweatpants order and has good contacts for silk screening, printing, etc. He is available to assist and offer advice to hashers who may have requests for future DH3 items.
        • On-Sec: Undercovers reported some exciting statistics regarding how successful our year has been thus far. We’ve had about 700 more hashers attend hashes this year than 2015 (turnstile) , which includes 74 virgins. Our average attendance is almost 40 per hash. ALL hashers are acknowledged for their roles in keeping our hash strong.
        • Web and Social Media: Cock-a-Noodle was complimented on the 2017 calendars. There are a few more available for $10.00 He has agreed to create next year’s calendars and will solicit photos but can only use original-resolution pictures (pictures posted to Facebook are reduced in quality). He will continue to send out emails and update FB. Cock-a-Noodle mentioned that Goes Down Dirty has offered to place hash events on Google calendar as another option to receive DH3 hash announcements. Thank you, GDD!
        • Hash Cash: Bermuda Triangle reported that DH3 received a generous amount from the Nash Hash and now has $4,000+ in funds. A discussion followed on how to spend this money, with suggestions that funds could be used for additional “awards”, the red dress charity event, other contribution requests that come up, reimbursements for special DH3 hash events, and year in review. It was decided that hash cash should remain as it is: $6.00 (or $4.00 when hashers purchase their own beer at the on-after.)
      3. Old Business:
        • Electronic Sign-In: At the last mismanagement meeting it was brought up that some hashes have iPad or electronic sign-in sheets. A discussion followed on whether DH3 wanted to go that route. No one has offered to set this up for DH3, even though it was requested in the previous minutes. Expense of equipment was mentioned and Undercovers says that although it takes her some hours each hash to update statistics and balance working hash cash, she is comfortable with this and doesn’t want a change. Issue was dropped.
      4. New Business:
        • Status of Hash-It, Hashpitality and Trail Sweep Awards: All are aware that all 3 of these awards are MIA. After discussion, The Hash-It and Hashpitality were recommended to remain a part of circle even when the token item is missing. When the items are returned (or someone donates a new one), it is recommended that the awarded token be given to the next hare for safe return. It was decided that DH3 doesn’t want to award the FRB with the trail sweep but does want to monitor the trail for lost hashers or virgins. At chalk talk, the pack will be asked if anyone is willing to volunteer to be the trail sweep for the running trail. Job duties include being the last person on the “true” trail (waiting for folks who are checking, but not for folks who shortcut) and writing the actual start time and direction in chalk at the beginning of the run. The trail sweep will not be given “hare” credit but will be given a new “sweep” credit, with of course sweep drinking obligations and possible future awards. If walkers feel the need, they can also determine a walker trail sweep with the same duties and privileges. As always, please monitor the virgins and make them feel welcomed. They are our sustaining lifeblood.
        • 30th Anniversary: DH3 will turn 30 at the end of June. VD and Cock-a-Noodle have offered to hare this significant event. Stay tuned for the exciting details.
        • Year-in-Review: Hard to believe, but the year is coming to an end. Requests for trail, etc. nominations will be sent out in the upcoming weeks. Keep those spreadsheets of hash trails updated!! If you are interested in helping write up the presentation, or have ideas for awards, please see More Leggs. G-Spot said she would assist with the awards. Date of YIR to be determined.
        • 2017 elections: Announcement of the election results for the mismanagement positions that were not changed last year will be held at the Spring Formal, May 6th. PHead has volunteered to hare. Please consider nominating yourself or another hasher for the open positions. Details to follow.
        • Suggestion: It was recommended that hares include an approximate “chalk time” in their erections.
        • Next Meeting: Most likely, February. Brr!!! Hash warm! Sign up for harings-see Porkless. See you on Trail. Thanks for all you do for the hash.

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